A unique and vibrant approach to resident care

10 Years of Experience

Individual Personalised Care

Friendly  Service

10 years of experience of providing personalised care and support to people with learning and physical disabilities.

We provide our residents with a friendly, clean, homely, comfortable and safe environment, which promotes their individuality, choices, independence, rights, and dignity

We believe that the provision of high quality, dedicated support starts with having a well trained and knowledgeable staff team who actively value people with such needs.


Our organisation has well over a decade of experience in providing care and support for people with an array of learning disabilities or mental health needs.


Everyone is an individual, we believe that they should be treated with understanding and respect. Our goals are to promote individual choices, nurture hobbies and achieve aspirations.


We are a family run organisation. Our values are to uphold family values and provide clear and transparent reporting within a warm and friendly environment.


Burgh Heath Care Centre is part of Aims Care Group, an established care provider with several healthcare services throughout Surrey. Burgh Heath Care Centre is our newest addition to our portfolio. Construction work is well underway and we will be opening Spring 2018. The home is located in the beautiful Burgh Heath area of Epsom just off the A217 and with easy access to both Central London and the M25.


Swallowfieldscare Centre is Part of Aims group Limited with registered of maximum 9 individuals with Advanced Learning Disabilities and it's been in service since 2006. Please feel free to contact us regarding this service.

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"We treat each person as an individual and respect his/her choices, beliefs and aspirations. We work hard to develop our understanding of each individual’s r needs and provide clear and realistic goals to help maximise his/her quality of life and feeling of well-being.


We listen to feedback from family, friends and health professionals to enable us to shape our service around the individual and therefore provide a sense of ownership and home"


Burgh Heath Care Centre, specialises in providing personalised close care and support adults with learning disabilities or mental health needs. This may include physical or mental disorders including like Autism, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Schizophrenia, Personality Disorder, Bipolar, and an array of emotional or behavioural difficulties including dual diagnosis (a combined learning disability with a mental health condition). We can act as a ‘step down’ service for individuals coming out from medium-long stay NHS treatment units to help them gain essential life skills that will allow a smooth transition into society.

What makes us unique

Burgh Heath Care Centre will specialise in providing personalised close care and support adults with learning disabilities. Their health needs may include physical or mental disorders including Autism, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Schizophrenia, Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Emotional and Behavioural difficulties including dual diagnosis. We will also be able to act as a step-down service for adults coming out from the NHS treatment units.

Our unique approach

  1. We provide help to enhance cognitive and learning skills with a constructive and meaningful approach using unique tools to analyse results.

  2. ​​We offer our own day centre facilities within our homes like gymnasium, sensory rooms and activity suites to help promote interests, hobbies and alleviate boredom.

  3. We have good links with local colleges like Nescot College, to provide access to further education and we facilitate transport and escort services to/from these locations.

  4. ​​We analyse behaviour using our unique systems, to help us understand triggers factors and work towards minimising disruptive behaviour.

  5. ​​We provide all our staff training based on the ‘consistency approach’ which means all staff work in the same way, to illuminate fluctuations in routines and moods. 

  6. We celebrate goals achieved and reward them with meaningful recognition certificates providing a feeling of achievement and self-worth.

  7. ​​We can continue to provide long-term support to the community through our Domiciliary Service, Aims Homecare.

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